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USB Phone Charger, Voltmeter and Terminal Adapter

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Charge your cellphone or electronics on the go by connecting these two USB charging ports and other terminals to any 12V Dakota Lithium battery. This handy wiring kit is multi-purpose; allowing your to charge electronics via the USB ports, check the voltage of your battery via the volt meter, adapt F2 terminals to universal ring terminals or SAE socket (or vice versa), and run multiple devices off of a single battery – all at the same time! F2 spade socket terminals fit on our 7Ah, 10Ah, or 18ah batteries, allowing you to connect additional electronics to the ring terminals and charge electronics with the USB ports. The ring terminals can attach to the DL 23Ah, 54Ah, or 100Ah battery and are thin enough to stack on top of the ring terminals on your primary wiring, allowing you to charge personal electronics off of the USB ports while running your main thing. This is a simple, useful, and creative DIY hack from one of our engineers. Your kit is built upon order. Please allow for 1-3 day lead time.


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