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Parallel Wiring Kit w/ Safety Fuse Protection

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Connect up to four Dakota Lithium batteries (12-48V) in parallel to create higher capacity battery systems and battery banks. For example, connect 4 of the DL 12V 100Ah batteries in parallel to create a 12V 400Ah battery system. This kit includes high-amp rated wiring optimal for solar energy systems and battery banks, house battery systems for RVs and boats, and off-the-grid applications. Instructions on how to wire batteries in parallel are available here (pdf).

Also included are fuse protection blocks that isolate each battery in the system to provide redundant safety. Each Dakota pack comes with individual internal Battery Management System (BMS) circuit board protection. In addition to that safety layer, when wiring packs to work in unison in a parallel array, we recommend adding an additional layer of safety by adding an isolation fuse to each pack. This further isolates any problem that operating your equipment at maximum ratings, or a harsh environment might throw at the batteries, and adds safety for very little additional effort. Safety fuse protection for up to 4 batteries in parallel is included in this wiring kit.

This is a heavy duty kit optimized for solar battery banks in RVs, boats, and off-the-grid homes and cabins. For trolling motors we recommend wiring batteries in series or buying a single battery rated at the voltage needed.

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