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Golf Cart Wiring Kit

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Connect up to four 12V (volt) Dakota Lithium batteries in series to create higher voltage 36V or 48V golf cart battery systems. For example, connect 4 of the 12V 60Ah (amp hour) DL+ Batteries in series to create a 48V 60Ah ultralight battery system. This kit includes high-amp rated 4 AWG gauge wiring optimal for golf carts, neighborhood electric vehicles, and power systems where you may need a lot of power at one time. Instructions on how to wire batteries in series are available here.

This is a heavy duty kit optimized for golf carts and electric vehicles. For trolling motors or lower amp draw application (<65A max) we recommend the lighter weight Trolling Motor Wiring Kits by connect ease. 12V trolling motor kit 12V trolling motor kit w/ onboard charging 24V trolling motor kit 24V trolling motor kit w/ onboard charging 36V trolling motor kit 36V trolling motor kit with onboard charging


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