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300W Inverter

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Turn any Dakota Lithium battery into your mobile power station with this versatile and easy to use inverter. This professional grade Dakota Lithium inverter takes DC power (the power that comes from batteries or solar panels) and transforms it into AC power (your home’s wall socket). Multi function abilities include:

2 x AC wall sockets plugs
3 x USB charging ports 5V 2.1 A
1 x Smart USB charging port 5V, 9V, or 12V 2.1A
1 x Voltmeter & power LCD display screen
1 x Alligator clips for connecting to batteries
1 x Cig plug for connecting to your car

Rated at 300 watts, this inverter also has the ability to peak up to 600 watts for electronics like drills, drivers, or other tools that may need quick bursts of power. 300 watts is the perfect size for using and charging power tools at the job site, and for house hold electronics like laptops, monitors, small TVs, fans, radios, CPAP machines, lights, and small kitchen appliances. This inverter is a DL staff favorite because it is the optimal size for getting work done. Combined with a 23Ah battery it gave us the power to run a monitor, laptop, and phone charging at the same time. And when combined with a 54ah battery and a 50 watt solar panel installed on our truck’s roof, it provided an endless power supply for charging our power tools.

Please note: this is the smallest inverter in our catalog. For larger appliances like TVs, coolers, fridges, etc. we recommend the Victron Energy 1200 watt inverter. Or if you are building an off grid system for a living space, like an RV, boat, or cabin we recommend the Victron Multiplus 2000 watt inverter.

The minimum battery size for this 300 watt inverter is a 23 Ah Dakota Lithium battery or larger.


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