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300W Dashboard

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A DL staff favorite. Monitor the power level, voltage, and performance of your Dakota Lithium batteries via an easy to use app on your phone. Built into the battery monitor is a 300 watt (15 amp) solar charge controller, allowing you to also add solar panels to any 12V Dakota Lithium battery. Includes everything you need to connect the battery monitor and solar panels to your battery — the mounting hardware, lithium compatible solar change controller & battery monitor, and wiring kit.

Included is the Dakota Lithium Dashboard — a simple & powerful app that allows you to connect your battery to your phone via Bluetooth and see how much power is left in your battery at any one time.

This complete solar integration kit is compatible with any 12V lithium battery and is optimized for lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). A solar charge controller is recommended for charging batteries with solar energy. When using solar on your boat, yacht, van or RV you will need a charging device which converts the energy which your panels are producing to a stable charging voltage and current that your batteries can easily accept. A solar controller will increase the efficiency of your panels, increasing the amount of energy available for your use. This integration kit includes a wiring kit for easily connecting batteries or solar panels to the DL Dashboard. Battery Monitor & Solar Integration Kit Instruction Manual


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