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20W Solar Panel

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This lightweight, affordable, and easy-to-install 12 V solar panel is expertly built and very user-friendly. When in full sun one panel will fully charge your Powerbox 10 or 10 Amp Hour (Ah) battery in 7-9 hours or a half charge in 3-4. Two panels will charge twice as fast. Built with marine grade easy flex technology, this solar panel is waterproof, flexible, and can glue to be fixed to any surface, Panel comes with a 4 ft wiring kit with alligator clips pre-installed. Easily connects to any 12v battery. Use multiple panels to increase charging time or for charging bigger capacity batteries.

Fishing pro staff tip – this is the perfect size solar panel for trickle charging batteries for fish finders, and small trolling motor batteries (<50Ah). Install on your boat trailer and park in the sun, by the weekend your electronics will be charged up and ready to go. For larger systems such as RVs, Boats, or small cabins we recommend the 100 watt solar panels and a lithium compatible solar charge controller.


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