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180W Solar Panel

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Built for rugged packability and high performance in extreme cold, this 180 watt solar panel is the optimal size for large power stations and solar generators and will charge any 12V Dakota Lithium battery. In full sun it will charge a Powerbox+ 60 in 7-10 hours, turning it into a solar generator that collects and stores power, allowing you to run many electronics indefinitely. Built in a rugged, military spec nylon case, this solar blanket is waterproof, shatterproof, and half the weight of a glass panel. MC-4 connectors provide universal compatibility. Can be used while power is being drawn from the battery. Designed to hang from a tent, tree, or wall, or lay flat on the ground facing the sun. This panel was first developed by Dakota Lithium for a mountaineering expedition to the Alaska range where it powered basecamp radios, cameras, and electronics during sub zero temperatures. Use multiple panels for a faster charging time or for charging very large solar generators. 11 year warranty.


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