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100W Solar Panel

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Live a life without limits! For unlimited freedom, take your boat, RV, truck, or trailer off-the-grid with Dakota Lithium. This kit offers enough power to charge most single 12-volt battery banks (combine 100 watts of solar with 100Ah of Dakota Lithium batteries – additional panels recommended for colder climates, faster charge time, or winter activities). Designed for decades of rugged use in extreme conditions, this flexible, marine grade solar panel is waterproof, flexible for curved roofs and boat decks, and is backed up by a 25 year output warranty. Universal installation hardware included.

100-Watt Dakota Lithium Solar Kit Includes:

100-Watt Dakota Lithium Solar Panel

Quick-connect solar plug

Stainless steel mounting hardware and double sided industrial welding tape. Easy installation on most surfaces.

Please note: A lithium compatible solar charge controller is recommended for connecting solar panels to 12V Dakota Lithium batteries. Choose either the Solar Integration Kit & DL Dashboard Bluetooth Battery Monitor, or the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Solar Charge Controller. Both are rated at 15 Amps and can support up to 300 watts of solar (3 x 100 watt panels).

See our solar panel size chart for what and battery combination is appropriate to your needs.


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